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On sale is a lovely rosary, made from crystal glass beads, that were hand strung in Bethlehem by local Christian craftsmen and women. 

It is perfect for carrying in your purse for prayers and meditation. Would make an ideal gift. (Available in other colours too - see other listings or ask for details). 

A rosary is a string of beads, usually containing five sets of ten small beads (a decade) separated by a larger bead. 

This is a 5 decade rosary necklace and measures approx 60 cm (not counting the 5 beads that hang down and the crucifix) - so fits comfortably over an adult's head. 

It is mounted on a metal chain and has a Mother and Child (Madonna) rosary centrepiece that contains earth (soil) from Bethlehem. 

There is a metal crucifix at the bottom of the rosary which has Jerusalem imprinted on the reverse side (not shown). 

This rosary comes in a clear presentation box, perfect for giving as a gift and comes together with a certificate of Authenticity reading: 


A Rosary is a religious article which is a symbol that identifies us as Christians, and reminds us of who we are. 

From Bethlehem, the Holy Land where our Lord JESUS was born, to the entire world. 

The best hand made Crystal stone Rosary. 

May it Accompany you with blessings During your Prayers. 


Rosaries are used primarily by Roman Catholics to assist them when saying special prayers. The rosary is used to count the prayers. 

The name Rosary comes from the Latin ''rosarium' meaning ''Crown of Roses.'' 

If you do not see the quantity you need in stock, please ask since the inventory is not always up to date and I can get more on a weekly basis.

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