Mother of Pearl Beads Rosary Necklace Pewter Crucifix


On sale is an exquisite, top quality rosary, the beads of which are are made from mother of pearl beads. It is assembled on silver colored wire together with a pewter Madonna and Child centerpiece and a crucifix which has the word Jerusalem on the back of it. It is made to be worn as a necklace. Each bead is unique in its beauty due to the difference in shading and lines on it. Would make a treasured gift. 

It comes with a certificate of authenticity that it is hand made of pure Mother of Pearl in the Holyland, the place where Jesus was born. 


Crucifix 1.75" / 4.5 cm 

Centerpiece 0.6" / 2 cm 

From the bottom of the crucifix until the top of the centerpiece: 5.5" / 14 cm 

From the top to the centerpiece - when doubled over 11" / 28 cm 

From the top to the bottom - when doubled over 22.5" / 51 cm 

Package dimensions: 11" x 2" / 22.5 cm x 5 cm 


A rosary is a string of beads, usually containing five sets of ten small beads (a decade) separated by a larger bead. 
They are used primarily by Roman Catholics to assist them when saying special prayers. The rosary is used to count the prayers. There is a cross at the bottom of the rosary. 

The name Rosary comes from the Latin ''rosarium' meaning ''Crown of Roses.''
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