Olive Wood 14 Stations Wall Cross Crucifix 4 Vials - Various Sizes


This ''14 Stations Crucifix'' is handmade in Bethlehem by Christian artisans, out of the finest olive wood available. The detailed Corpus is made out of pewter. 

This beautiful crucifix is made for hanging. It is a perfect gift for many occasions, such as for a Christening, First Communion, Confirmation, House Blessing, Marriage, Gifts for Clergy members and teachers, Easter, Christmas and is destined to become a treasured heirloom. 

The ''14 Stations Crucifix'' is named after the 14 stations of the Via Dolorosa (the Way of the Cross or the Way of Suffering). It is made out of fourteen individual pieces of olive wood to symbolize the 14 stations that Jesus passed through, from the judgment to the Crucifixion. 

Making this Crucifix even more special than usual, are the 4 glass capsules or vials that are situated at each corner of the cross. These contain frankincense, earth from Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, dried leaves from and olive tree that grows in the Bethlehem region and dried rose petals. It thereby brings ''the essence of the Holy Land'' into your home. 

Please note that each one is unique, since no piece of olive wood is the same. 

''The wood from the Tree of Life, those who grasp it will experience eternal Happiness...'' Proverbs 3:18 

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14 Stations Wall Cross Crucifix 4 Vials - 18 cm£ 12.90
14 Stations Wall Cross Crucifix 4 Vials - 22 cm£ 15.90
14 Stations Wall Cross Crucifix 4 Vials - 28 cm£ 19.90