Olive Wood Holding Hand Palm Comfort Cross Holyland - Certificate HJW

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This holding cross is a premium quality cross made out of the highest quality olive wood available. To ensure this high quality, the wood used has gone through a seven-year natural drying process and a special protective treatment. The refined wood is then handcrafted by Christian artisans, who give an exclusive finish to fine environmentally friendly creations. 

"His branches shall spread and his beauty shall be as the olive tree..." Hosea 14:6 

A hand cross, holding cross, healing cross and comfort cross are different names for an asymmetric cross that is made to fit ergonomically into the palm of one's hand and is used during prayer. It is thought that the holding cross is based on an ancient design found in ancient European chapels. 

Although the origin of the hand/healing/holding/comfort cross tradition is not known, it is thought that it dates back to the early Christians. 

Holding crosses are made out of many different types of wood, but in my opinion, none is more appropriate than a cross made out of the olive wood prunings of trees that grow in the very region that Jesus was born - in the area around Bethlehem. Olive trees have scattered the landscape there since biblical times, where they grow both in terraced groves and on the hilltops. The oil from the fruit of the Olive Tree has been used for religious rites since biblical times. Since the olive tree is a protected species in Israel and cannot be cut down, all olive wood artifacts are made only from the trees pruning's. Olive wood items are imbued with spirituality, and do not require much care since olive oil is naturally protecting them from corrosion and changes of color. In time the holding cross will develop its own patina from frequent handling. No two crosses will ever look the same due to the variations in the grain on the wood. 

Approximate size : 11 cm x 6.5 cm x 1.5 cm 

Who should have a Holding Cross? 

· Anyone who is in a time of struggle or loss and is looking for guidance. 

· Anyone who needs to find comfort and is looking for solace. 

· Anyone who is struggling to cling to their faith. 

· Anyone who is looking for a companion for their prayers and meditation. 

· If you or someone you know is ill simply holding the cross may be the best way to pray. 

A holding cross is the ideal gift to mark most gift giving occasions such as a baptism, confirmation, birthday, Easter, Christmas or just to give to someone to say Thank You. It is recommended to keep a supply of these crosses ready to give to your loved ones in their times of need. 


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